Gmail Now Available In Welsh And Latin American Spanish

The web giant has, now, got more than one billion users around the globe. Most of the Google users also use their Gmail accounts for the purpose. This account allows them to make use of numerous features free of cost. One of the important features of Gmail is its availability in the Latin American Spanish and Welsh languages so that to cater to the requirements of the users.

There are numerous people around the globe who speak Spanish language. To be exact with our figures, around 300 million people speak Spanish language in Americas and the other Caribbean lands. It is difficult for many of these Spanish speakers to handle their links without using their own native language. So, Google has contrived to bring its Gmail to them in their own native language so that there remains no problem in this regard and they may enjoy the services of Gmail in the very language that belongs to their own land.

A language is the pride of a nation. People belonging to a particular nation want to communicate in their own language. Google, being friendly and useful for all, has been generous enough to offer its services to these people in their own language so that this huge population may benefit from the services that this web giant is offering to them.

This newer customized approach for Spanish speakers has come after the demand of the Spanish speaking people.

Google has always tried to bring home all the newer aspects of its services in the easiest terms for the people belonging to every community and language group. So, you will find Google’s versions in Hindi, Chinese, French, Arabic, and so on. The use of these languages is there to make it sure that every person, even the laymen, are able to benefit from Google’s services. All these efforts to make Gmail work in different languages of the world are just to cater to the requirements of the users of Gmail.

As Gmail is now available in Latin American Spanish and Welsh, the people belonging to these lands and speaking these languages, will directly benefit from this new move of Google. They will be able to make their contact lists, use Gmail themes, use Gmail tasks, etc, just according to their needs. They do not have to use English or any other language for the purpose as everything relating to Gmail is available to them in their own language.

In fact, Gmail Display Languages are now 56, and you may change the default Display Language of Gmail by going to the Settings tab. There, you will find the option of default language. This is the best feature as it is the only way to bring Gmail closer to every person on earth. So, if a person is literate in any language, he will be able to use this facility to communicate with the rest of the world. Gmail facilitates everybody to get his connection with the rest of the humanity without the language barriers.

What Is Gmail and What are its Famous Features

These days you must have heard the phenomenal word Gmail? But completely unaware of its definition and how it works? In this article I will describe some important news about Gmail and its feature. In the year 2004, gmail was first launched by the father of internet ‘Google’. At the beginning, Gmail used to provide only 1 GB free space to store your email, but now you can get more than 80 GB free space to store data’s if you sign up into Gmail. It is very easy to make a Gmail account; you just need to follow few steps like 1, 2, and 3.
gmail sign up

Gmail is full of features; all you need to do is, read this article once you will came to know all about it. Filters and labels are the best part of Gmail. In fact, filters can work like your personal virtual assistant. It means it helps to sort out emails to send mails to archived, marked as read, unread, forwarded, mark as important etc. For example if you want to filter your boss’s mails into important mails, just click on the right mouse and go to “more actions”. After this select ‘filer messages like this’, and your job will be done. From next time automatically all the boss’s mail will be filtered to the folder named ‘boss’ if you add a folder in filters.
gmail features

Label is another best feature of Gmail; it helps to organize all your mails in a proper way. If you get a mail from your family member you can label it as “family’. Combinations with filters lebels become more effective. Go to manage labels, there you can rearrange or “create new labels”. All you just have to add a new label name and create it. With this you can save lot of time and you can easily mark all the important mails apart from archive. You can always change the settings of your Gmail account whenever needed. Go to the settings, given at the top right hand side of your Gmail, after logging in you can see it. In between all the tabs you can easily find labels and filters.

The most famous feature of Gmail is ‘chat’ service .You can easily contact with your near and dear ones with the chat facility provides by Gmail. People who are having aim accounts; they can also use their aim accounts to chat via Gmail. You can be online/offline whenever you can, or else you can be invisible also if you are not ready to chat with somebody. If somebody is offline but you need to talk to him/her you can even ping him on chat, he/she will receive the messages in his/her mail inbox. Gmail also introduces keyboard shortcuts, but before using it you need to enable it. Go to settings in your account, you can find keyboard shortcuts there. There are many more features of Gmail you can find, apart from these famous features. All you need to do is explore the site and enjoy the free mailing facility provides by Google.